About the chef
"This is my journey" _ Matthew Butcher

Matthew Butcher has had a flourishing career in the lead up to his appointment as Executive Chef at Shiloh Melbourne. Originally hailing from the quaint Northern (Victorian town of Echuca, Matthew Butcher’s passion for cooking began) from a young age, working in his family’s business and immersing himself in the culture of local produce and hearty country dishes.

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It was his family that helped him discover
his passion for cooking.

It was his family that helped him discover his passion for cooking. His creative flair for food goes hand in hand with his love of bringing people together and seeing the unmistakable look of satisfaction beaming from their faces.

From the humble surrounding of country Victoria, to developing his skills in some of the best restaurants all over the world with some of the industry’s heavy-weights (Gordon Ramsay, Shannon Bennett and Ryan Clift). He has established himself in both the national and international food culture with his wealth of diverse influences and creative attributes.

As an Executive Chef of the Elite Sporting Tours, an ambassador for Camp Quality and Bentley, as well as Chef and Ambassador for Grand Cedar Aged Care amongst multiple celebrity chef appearances – Matthew’s busy schedule does not stop him working passionately with various organisations to better the community and lives of others.

Partnering with Greg and Georgia at Mr. & Mrs. P, Matthew has created a delicious grazing menu that is built upon a charcuterie selection where the chefs will prepare a grazing board for the guest right before their eyes to enhance the dining experience in this immaculately designed venue.

His creative eye for unique detail coupled with a genuine love of fresh local produce, Matthew brings passion and art to every dish he creates with a menu that is both incredibly flavoursome and playful inspired by favourite childhood memories, traditional family recipes that has been given a unique quirk and twist.

Our Identity

About Shiloh

Our Mission

Don't just eat to live... live to eat?

At Shiloh Restaurant, we’re proud to set new standards of kosher fine dining in Australia and prove that kosher cuisine can match-it, bite for bite with the finest eateries, anywhere in the world. From our elegant décor, to first-class service and enticing menu selections, we are and will always be, the premiere choice for exquisite kosher dining. We exist to provide the kosher community and the wider community at large, with the ultimate gastronomic experience.

Our Values

A Recipe for Success

Melbourne’s kosher community deserves to enjoy the same level of fine dining as everyone else. We don’t just believe it, we’ve done something about it!

At Shiloh Restaurant, we believe it’s time for a 5-star upgrade, a much-needed infusion of style, elegance and charm. We’ve turned the kosher meal into a heavenly experience, an assault on your senses of the sweetest kind. We are the change you’ve hungered for and the enticing adventure you deserve.

We also think that everyone should be able to eat like a king, without needing to be royalty to afford it. Value for money is at the core of our beliefs. While a delicious dining experience comes at a cost, it needn’t cost the earth.

Join us for a reasonably priced, truly enjoyable evening and you’ll be ready to book again by the time you step outside.

Our Unique positioning

Ahead of the Rest is why we're Best

At Shiloh, we strive to be unique in several different ways. First and foremost, in our sense of style and finesse. We appreciate the importance of elegant surrounds, charming décor, professional, courteous service and an inviting atmosphere …and all before you’ve even sampled our exquisite, modern Israeli cuisine. Your fine dining experience begins as you step through the door.

Our magnificent function room is another feature that sets us apart. Able to seat up to 150 guests, this warm and inviting space radiates sophistication and charm and can be adjusted in a number of creative ways to suit a wide variety of stylish events. Any celebration held at ‘Shiloh’s Functions on Kooyong’, will be remembered for many years to come.

We also offer the Jewish community a place to bring clients, a place to bring non-kosher friends, non-Jewish friends and international visitors, that’s genuinely on-par with any modern, mainstream alternative out there. You’ll finally feel relaxed & comfortable to entertain your guests, as you share and enjoy a remarkable experience.

Our Personality

Reflections & Contradictions

We’re young, vibrant and adventurous, but still stylish and professional, with a great sense of fun. We’re never loud or brash, but when we enter a room, everyone notices. We know how to make an impression and set trends for others to follow.

We’re down to earth but appreciates the finer things in life and always, always strives for perfection. We’re self-assured and quietly confident of our abilities. We see value in style and beauty and will pay accordingly, but we still love a bargain when we see one!